The emotion of the moment,
the memory of a lifetime!

10+ years | 1000+ musicians | 100% success

Melodima: The emotion of the moment, the memory of a lifetime!
Τhe last dance of the bride before leaving the home of her parents, the dreamy atmosphere in the wedding ceremony, the warm hug of the couple during the first dance, the smiles of the bride's friends, the jokes of the groom's friends, the dreams of the young sister, the emotions of the parents, the happiness of the bride for her dream wedding! Melodima is all these emotions and memories!

Melodima: A lifetime dream came true in 2007!
I had the opportunity to perform as a musician in a young age. I participated in hundreds of concerts in more than 15 countries as a choir member. In all these concerts, I was amazed by the organisation, and I was following all communication of the organisers with our conductor, sometimes getting the role of an interpreter.
When I met Angeliki, we were discussing about music for hours and quite often we were singing old Greek songs over the piano or she was accompanying me on classical arias. When we started dreaming about our wedding, music was always at the center of our discussions and our dreams.
The dream became an idea, and the idea became a reality in 2007. We created the wedding music laboratory Melodima from scratch, without any initial capital or support, based solely on our love for music, our broad knowledge and our hard work. We evaluated thousands of musicians and we selected the best ones.
The name "Melodima" comes from the first word on the title of the first music book I ever had, which was a gift from my music teacher. In old Greek, it means "melody", a sequence of notes, originating from the ancient Greek word "melos", which means "part".
Melodima became the most specialized wedding music laboratory in Greece, participating in weddings from all continents, in famous weddings and VIP receptions with famous guests. We have moments of emotion that remain in our memories, as described in our motto: The emotion of the moment, the memory of a lifetime!

Stefanos Souldatos, MEng, MBA, PhD (Artistic Director)

Stefanos Souldatos, MEng, MBA, PhD (Artistic Director)

Born in 1979, he loved music since childhood. He got his Diploma in Byzantine music by Lykourgos Angelopoulos, he studied phonetic orthophony with Onoufrios Sohos and Vasilis Dimas-Tsirigotis, opera singing with Angeliki Sohou and traditional Greek instruments with various teachers.

He became a member of the kid's choir of the Archbishopric of Athens quite young, and he was only 10 when he appeared on TV for the first time. He became a member of the Greek Byzantine Choir at the early age of 15, and since then he has participated in a variety of concerts in Greece and abroad (Music Hall of Athens, Herodion Theater of Acropolis, Delfi, Metropolitan Museum of New York, Boston, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, etc.). In 2008, his voice was recorded in a TV studio in Boston in order to be used among other voices from all over the world for the architectural and sound design of a new concert hall. He has been a First Cantor since 18 years old and he is currently First Cantor in the church of St. Dionysios in Acharnes. Father of 2 children.

He has a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), a Master's of Business Administration from the ALBA Graduate Business School and a PhD in Web Databases from the NTUA. His academic and music excellence has been honoured with scholarships and awards (NTUA award, Onassis Foundation, Bodossaki Foundation, Thomaidio Foundation, Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Gazi-Triantafyllopoulou Foundation, Velouhi Foundation, Archbishopric of Athens). He has worked as an IT consultant in a number of institutes and research centers (NTUA Research, Demokritos Research Center, Athena Research Center, Ministry of Transportation, National Documentation Center, etc.) and he now works in a Greek multinational company as Deputy Project Manager in IT projects for the European Commission, the European Parliament and public organisations in the UK, Belgium, Poland, Cyprus, etc.

Angeliki Vlasopoulou (Artistic Consultant)

Angeliki Vlasopoulou (Artistic Consultant)

She was raised in a musical environment and grew up surrounded by musical instruments. She got her Piano Degree by Sofi Mouratoglou, she studied Advanced Harmony with Dimitris Sykias, she attended seminars of baroque and classical music with Gerasimos Hoidas.

She studied the Law at the University of Athens, and has worked in Emporiki Bank and the Athens Court of Appeal. She is a Lawyer in Athens and a member of the Athens Bar Association.

She is the inspiration and the spirit of Melodima. She monitors its progress since its inception and contributes to its success with artistic advice, evaluation of new musicians, selection of music, etc. With Stefanos Souldatos, they socialise with musicians from all music genres and they are constantly seeking new ideas and new sounds for weddings and receptions. Mother of 2 children.

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